Payal Engineering is emerging manufacturer in the global market, engrossed in manufacturing an ISO 9001:2008 and DIN 16282 certified range of the syphon, a lifeline of the pressure instruments, gauges, switches and transmitter. The constant attempts in the quest of the innovation and attempts to introduce innovation in the every piece of pressure gauge syphon to give you an unbeatable experience of the safety and reliability that no other can deliver is what has enabled our range of the pressure gauge syphon flourishing in the industries.

This syphon we have designed cautiously to meet the demand for protection of instruments like pressure gauges, where high temperature surrounding have the potential to cause damage or inaccurate readings due to increased temperatures. Our provided pressure gauge syphons are available in the wide variety of the material having potential to perform excellently under corrosive environment, including stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, etc., and all are known to perform outstandingly under any type of media.

Vision Statement

To achieve considerable echelons for safety, quality and reliability in manufacturing of the pressure gauge syphons and flourish worldwide.

Mission Statement

To deliver cutting edge range of the syphon by constantly upgrading the existing one and introducing innovation in the upcoming.

Quality Control

At Payal Engineering, DIN 16282 standards are followed for the production of syphons in order to obtain a range that excel in terms of reliability and performance.

Special Features of the syphon

Material of construction

We use 316 – stainless steel as a standard material, however we also provide the same pressure gauge syphon in A53F, A106B, Brass, P11, P22, T304, T316, Nickel Alloys and carbon alloy too.

Available Pressure ranges

  • Based upon 12″ Syphon
  • Maximum Pressure up to 80 Bar up to 300 ˚C Maximum
  • Maximum Pressure up to 100 Bar up to 120 ˚C Maximum
  • Maximum Pressure up to 400 Bar up to 60 ˚C Maximum

Available Temperature ranges

  • Based upon 12″ Syphon
  • Maximum Temperature up to 300 Deg C up to Maximum 80 Bar
  • Maximum Temperature up to 120 Deg C up to Maximum 100 Bar
  • Maximum Temperature up to 60 Deg C up to Maximum 400 Bar

Available Connection Size

  • ½” NPT Male / Male Testing
  • ½” BSP M      ale / Male with locknut
  • 3/8” NPT Male / Male
  • 3/8”BSP Male / Male with locknut


The comprehensive range offered by us is 100% pressure hydrostactically tested and is conforms to DIN 16282 industrial standards

Customized range of the pressure gauge syphon is available on request

* Contact Sales for pricing and availability.

Syphon – a lifeline of the instruments, gauges, switches and transmitter

Applications of our pressure gauge syphon

  • To protect pressure measuring instruments from excessive heating
  • To protect pressure measuring instruments from vibration
  • As a cooling element for gases, fluids and vapours in pressure instrument
  • For direct mounting to the pressure connection of the pressure measuring instrument

Our Specialization is Customization

We are in the field of manufacturing pressure gauge syphon since significant years and hence we have the prowess to understand specific requirements and accordingly deliver the solution to ensure 100% contentment. Our range of the customized pressure gauge in various dimensions, material, and capacities and conforms to DIN 16282 industrial standards.

Other than, we also provide customization in the angles ranging from 90 degree, 180 degree, 270 degree to 360 degree.

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