Q Type steam Syphon, 90 Degree – suitable for horizontal pipe mounting application

Our comprehensive range of the Q type Syphon is acclaimed by the DIN 16282 for the standard conformation, thanks to our stringent quality controlled processes carried out by our sagacious team of professionals to obtain nothing but the unmatched quality Q type Syphon that matches the DIN 16282 quality standards.

How does a Q type steam Syphon, 90 degree work?

The Q type Syphon, 90 degree is installed between instrument and process filled with a liquid. The pressure medium forms a condensate and is gathered inside the Q portion of the syphon that prevents the high temperature process fluid or vapour from coming in direct contact with the instruments.

Note: it is recommended to fill pigtail syphon with water or any suitable separating liquid before installation.

Alternatives in Q type steam Syphon, 90 Degree:

We as a manufacturer of Q type Syphon, 90 degree are well liked in the industries for providing customized solution for NPT, BSP, Butt Weld, flanged, Socket Weld or Compression outlets laden with fineness.

The provided Q type syphon can be selected in terms of pipe schedule or pressure rating

  1. Based on the pipe schedule available options are: SCH 40, SCH 80, SCH 160, SCH XXS
  2. Based on the pipe pressure rating available options are: 3000 psi, 6000 psi and 10000 psi
  3. Common sizes are 3/8″ , 1/2″ ,3/4″ and 1″

Available Customizations:

  • Different Diameter of Coil
  • Different Length of Coil
  • Different End Connections
  • Option of Multiple Coils in same Syphon

Material options:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Brass, Steel
  • Monel, Hastelloy C
  • Incoloy, Inconel 600.
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Q type steam Syphon, 90 degree Applications:

  • To protect pressure measuring instruments from excessive heating
  • To protect pressure measuring instruments from vibration
  • As a cooling element for gases, fluids and vapours in pressure instrument
  • For direct mounting to the pressure connection of the pressure measuring instrument
  • The steam syphon tube is used for steam boiler Applications


The comprehensive syphon range offered by us is 100% pressure hydrostactically tested and conforms to DIN 16282 industrial standards

Customized range of the pressure gauge syphon is available on request

* Contact Sales for pricing and availability.