Top Quality of Manufacturer and Supplier of Manifold Valve in India

Payal Engineering is one of the prominent and Most reliable manufacturer of best quality Manifold Valve. We are satisfied to introduce our top quality product to the buyers across the world. We are professional in manufacturing best quality of valve under the high and latest tech modern machines and inventories. Our primed executives are completely engaged in checking the quality of the valves at every step of its manufacturing.

Payal Engineering is one of the largest Manifold valve manufacturer and supplier in India. We at manufacture and supplier MV2, MV3, MV5 Manifold Valves. The company for various year worked of a successful company of supervisors who vary in the company, operating limit and love to clients.

Features Of Manifold Valve

  • Maximum level pressure up to 6,000 psig @ 100°F (414 bar @ 38° C)
  • Mounting holes supplied for self-supporting application.
  • 316 stainless steel pin stops distance of the bonnet from the body due to vibration.
  • Burr-free threads and internal surfaces decrease leaks, promoting correct transmitter readings.
  • Bonnet to framework seals are metal to metal, No O-rings used.
  • Panel mounting options available.
  • stainless steel construction for superior corrosion resistance.
  • One-piece construction body provides strength.
  • Combines isolating and releasing in a single valve, eliminating the need for tubing and fittings.
  • 100% helium leak tested to 1 x 10-4 ml/s for guaranteed performance and accuracy.
  • Compact design needs minimum space for operation and installation.
  • Dust caps are fitted to hold stem lubricant and prevent the ingress of contaminants.
  • Easy to assemble and replace packing.

Pressure gauge cocks have three handle position:

OFF : The pressure medium is close and the pressure gauge system is open to the atmosphere.
ON : The pressure gauge is open to the pressure medium.
VENT : The pressure gauge is remote but the pressure system is proceed and the medium can fly into the atmosphere.

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