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Payal Engineering is an emerging manufacturer in the global market, engrossed in manufacturing an ISO 9001:2008 and DIN 16282 certified range of the syphon, a lifeline of pressure instruments, gauges, switches, and transmitters. The constant attempts in the quest for innovation and to introduce innovation in every piece of pressure gauge siphon to give you an unbeatable experience of safety and reliability that no other can deliver have enabled our range of pressure gauge syphon to flourish in the industries.

We have designed this siphon cautiously to meet the demand for the protection of instruments like pressure gauges, where high temperatures surrounding them can potentially cause damage or inaccurate readings due to increased temperatures. Our provided pressure gauge syphons are available in a wide variety of materials having the potential to perform excellently under corrosive environments, including stainless steel, carbon steel, brass, etc., and all are known to perform outstandingly under any media.

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Vision Statement

To achieve considerable echelons for safety, quality, and reliability in the manufacturing pressure gauge syphons and flourish worldwide.

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Mission Statement

To deliver cutting edge range of the syphon by constantly upgrading the existing one and introducing innovation in the upcoming.

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Quality Control

At Payal Engineering, DIN 16282 standards are followed for the production of syphons in order to obtain a range that excels in terms of reliability and performance.

Special Features of the syphon

Material of construction

We use 316 – stainless steel as a standard material, however we also provide the same pressure gauge syphon in A53F, A106B, Brass, P11, P22, T304, T316, Nickel Alloys and carbon alloy too.

Available Pressure ranges

  • Based upon 12″ Syphon
  • Maximum Pressure up to 80 Bar up to 300 ˚C Maximum
  • Maximum Pressure up to 100 Bar up to 120 ˚C Maximum
  • Maximum Pressure up to 400 Bar up to 60 ˚C Maximum

Available Temperature ranges

  • Based upon 12″ Syphon
  • Maximum Temperature up to 300 Deg C up to Maximum 80 Bar
  • Maximum Temperature up to 120 Deg C up to Maximum 100 Bar
  • Maximum Temperature up to 60 Deg C up to Maximum 400 Bar

Available Connection Size

  • ½” NPT Male / Male Testing
  • ½” BSP M      ale / Male with locknut
  • 3/8” NPT Male / Male
  • 3/8”BSP Male / Male with locknut


The comprehensive range offered by us is 100% pressure hydrostactically tested and is conforms to DIN 16282 industrial standards

Customized range of the pressure gauge syphon is available on request

* Contact Sales for pricing and availability.

Syphon – a lifeline of the instruments, gauges, switches and transmitter

Applications of our pressure gauge syphon

  • To protect pressure measuring instruments from excessive heating
  • To protect pressure measuring instruments from vibration
  • As a cooling element for gases, fluids and vapours in pressure instrument
  • For direct mounting to the pressure connection of the pressure measuring instrument

Our Specialization is Customization

We are in the field of manufacturing pressure gauge syphon since significant years and hence we have the prowess to understand specific requirements and accordingly deliver the solution to ensure 100% contentment. Our range of the customized pressure gauge in various dimensions, material, and capacities and conforms to DIN 16282 industrial standards.

Other than, we also provide customization in the angles ranging from 90 degree, 180 degree, 270 degree to 360 degree.

MATERIAL PIPE SIZE DI schedule 40 schedule 80 schedule 160 schedule xxs
A 106 Gr. B 1/4″ 4″ 180 360 180 720 180 1080 180 1800
Stainless Steel 316 1/4″ 4″ 180 360 180 720 180 1080 180 1800
Stainless Steel 304 1/2″ 6″ 180 360 180 720 180 900 180 1800
A 335 Gr. p 11 1/2″ 6″ 180 360 180 720 180 900 180 1800


The pressure gauge syphon is specifically designed to protect a pressure sensor from high-temperature media, for instance, steam. Other than that, it has also proven its efficacy by reducing the damaging possibilities of the pressure gauge in rapid pressure changes. The use of the symphony with the pressure gauge permits the system builders to use pressure sensors with a considerably lower temperature range in high-temperature applications too.

During the application, the syphon should be filled with water or analogous separating medium and the concentration of the pressure medium accumulated inside the coiled portion of the syphon helps abate straight contact with the external media and hence protect the pressure sensor


Compact Design – acquires less space for installation

Steam Protection – Generates a condensate barrier between the live steam process line and the pressure measurement

Freeze Protection – Develops a barrier to prevent freezing of instruments on wet air lines when the gauge syphon is filled with glycol. And to protect from freezing, kerosene is used.

Immediate Installation – No requirement of instruments for installation saves time

Gauge Whip Protection – diminish gauge whip by removing longer pigtail, permits close coupling to the respective process.


It is a well-known fact that the pressure gauge syphon is used to measure the pressure of liquid or gases in the industrial process system and therefore it is an indispensable part of the miscellaneous industries to prevent any hazard in the processing system. However, this pressure gauge gets damaged while subject to heavy loading or temperature and can permanently damage the measuring instrument.

Dynamic load cycles often result from pressure surges from a pump, which are visible on pressure gauges as pointer fluctuations. This dynamic load causes stress on the pressure element and all other mechanical components are also highly stressed due to the same, such a drastic fluctuation in the load perhaps reduces the life of the pressure gauge. This diverse impact of the load cycle needs to be addressed to increase the lifeline of the pressure gauge either by additional fittings or by equipping pressure ports during the pressure gauge syphon manufacturing. However, the extra fitting rather than the inbuilt gives a higher level of versatility and therefore it is preferable globally.

Such extra fittings are reckoned as a pressure gauge syphon in industries that not only protects pressure gauges from high pressure but also from high temperatures. Therefore, syphon or compact syphon is worth considering for protecting pressure gauge and other parallel instruments from the hot media, and vapors along with load cycles and ensuring the highest level of reliability and surety.

What are the types of pressure gauge Syphon?

The pressure gauge syphon are mainly available in three types sequentially, coil syphon, pigtail syphon and U Type syphon and each is designed to match different application requirements of the industries using a pressure gauge.

Coil Syphon – used primarily for horizontal installations

The coil shaped design is a reason for its recognition as a coil syphon, which are extensively celebrated in the industries for its effectiveness in preventing pressure gauge from the effect of hot pressure media and reducing the effect of quick pressure surges. This coil syphon permits the formation of condensate that gathered inside the syphon and hence prevents direct contact of hot media with the pressure instruments. The excellent command of this coil syphon has made it widely popular as freeze protector.

Special Features

Coil syphons are used significantly to protect pressure instruments, pressure gauge syphon, switches and transmitters straightly contacting with high temperature process fluids or vapours. This coil syphon is installed between process and pressure instruments and filled with condensation fluids that reduce process pulsation and function as heat dispensed and save instrument from working at unsafe temperatures.


Model SY2
MOC SS316 / CS
Max Temp 150°C
Max Pressure 70 Bar
Size 1/8″ – 1″

Specifications :

Material AISI 316 Stainless Steel
Pipe Size Schedule 40
Operating Pressure
Carbon Steel 150 kg/cm2at 430 “Cmax.
Stainless Steel 135 kg/cm2 at 450 °C max.

Pig tail Syphon – Used primarily for vertical installations

The pigtail syphon is a looped pipe filled with water, designed profoundly to guard the internal parts of the steam pressure gauges against an elevated steam temperature. It is also one of the highly sensitive measuring instruments that demand significant caution in order to prevent damage or destruction. This pigtail pressure gauge syphon permits the change of gas into a liquid by dissolving the hidden heat energy of steam and permitting steam to condense, thus developing a loop seal of liquid that puts off the conveyance of heat energy from the steam to the respective gauge. This pigtail syphon is well-liked in the market for its impeccable operation and reliability measures that are also widely accepted to protect the steam pressure gauge from any pressure surges in the system. During the application, it is recommended to fill the pigtail syphon with water or another parallel liquid substance.

Special Features:

The pigtail syphon is installed between process and process instruments in order to protect the measuring instruments, including pressure instruments, gauges, switches, and transmitters, from entering high-temperature process vapors. Other than that, this pigtail syphon is known to be effective in preventing the instrument from working at hazardous temperatures. This pigtail syphon is prominent in the industry for its influential functioning throughout its life and for ensuring the safety of the respective instrument.


Model SY1
MOC SS316 / CS
Max Temp 150°C
Max Pressure 70 Bar
Size 1/8″ – 1″

Specifications :

Material AISI 316 Stainless Steel
Pipe Size Schedule 40
Operating Pressure
Carbon Steel 150 kg/cm2at 430 “Cmax.
Stainless Steel 135 kg/cm2 at 450 °C max.

U Type Syphon – Used primarily for horizontal installations

The U shape of the pipe connected between the pressure gauge and process makes it renowned as the U type syphon in the industries. This U type Syphon is globally accepted for its outstanding performance, used widely to prevent the entering of hot media into the measuring instrument hence protect the instrument from the damage. This U types syphon permits condensate to form and be accumulated inside the syphon that prevents direct contacting of the hot vapors with the pressure instrument. However, it is counseled filling the U type syphon together with a cooling separating liquid ahead of starting the pressure line. This U type syphon is also being prominent in the heating dispersion that prevents instrument to work at hazardous temperature.

Special Features:

The U type syphon is equipped between process and process instruments to ensure safety of the pressure instruments, gauges, switches and transmitter from the entering high temperature vapor. This U type syphon intensifying popularity in the diverse industries is an evidence of its worthiness, which is also being used to avoid instrument to work at dangerous temperature.


Model SY3
MOC SS316 / CS
Max Temp 150°C
Max Pressure 70 Bar
Size 1/8″ – 1″

Specifications :

Material AISI 316 Stainless Steel
Pipe Size Schedule 40
Operating Pressure
Carbon Steel 150 kg/cm2at 430 “Cmax.
Stainless Steel 135 kg/cm2 at 450 °C max.

Chemical Compatibility offered Syphon

Chemical Compatibility Offered Syphon
Acetic Acid B Phosphoric Acid Ethylene Glycol Ammonium Carbonate
Ethyl Acetate Acetylene Picric Acid Formaldehyde
Oxygen Ethylene Dibromide Aluminum Sulfate Potassium Cyanide
Acetic Anhydride Photographic Solutions Ferric Nitrate Ammonium Hydroxide
Ethyl Cellulose Alcohol Picric Acid (dry) Freon
Paraffin Ethylene Dichloride Ammonia Potassium Permanganate
Acetone Pickling Solutions Ferric Sulfate Ammonium Phosphate
Ethylene Alums Potassium Chloride Gallic Acid
Prestone Sea Water Sodium Carbonate Sodium Hydroxide
Beer Benzol Bleach Liquors Butane
Gas (for lighting) Silver Nitrate Glycerine Hydrogen
Salicylic Acid Gasoline (refined) Sodium Cyanide Sodium Nitrate
Benzine Benzyl Alcohol Bordeaux Mixture Butanol
Gasoline Glucose Hydrocyanic Acid Hydrogen Peroxide
Sodium Peroxide Butyric Acid Sodium Phosphate Calcium Bisulfite
Lacquers Sodium Sulfate Calcium Chloride Lactic Acid
Sodium Sulfide Calcium Hydroxide Sodium Sulfite Magnesium Hydroxide
Sulfur Dioxide Carbon Bisulfide Magnesium Sulfate Carbon Dioxide(dry)
Sulfur Dioxide (dry) Casein Mercury Sulfuric (75%)
Chloroform Methyl Chloride Sulfurous Acid Chromic Acid
Methyl Salicylate Tanning Liquors Citric Acid Naphtha
Nickel Acetate Copper Sulfate Nitrous Oxide Nitric Acid

Pressure Gauge Syphon Price in India

Our motive is 100% customer satisfaction that we accomplish through providing a premium quality range and delivering at the possibly lowest rate in the industry and hence we have ability to develop a considerable presence in the market and edge over competitors. The cost of the range perhaps varies as per the material, size and specification; however the final costing at which we provide pressure gauge syphon would be definitely at the lower cost than others.