It is well known fact that the pressure gauge syphon is used to measure the pressure of liquid or gases in the industrial process system and therefore it is being an indispensable part of the miscellaneous industries to prevent any hazard in the process system. However, this pressure gauge gets damaged while subject to heavy loading or temperature and can permanently damage the measuring instrument.

Dynamic load cycles often result from pressure surges from a pump, which is visible on pressure gauges as pointer fluctuations. This dynamic load causes stress on the pressure element and all other mechanical components are also highly stressed due to the same, such a drastic fluctuation in the load perhaps reduce the life of the pressure gauge. This diverse impact of the load cycle needs to be addressed to increase the lifeline of the pressure gauge either by additional fittings or by equipping pressure port during the pressure gauge manufacturing. However, the extra fitting rather than the inbuilt gives higher level of versatility and therefore it is preferable globally.

Such an extra fittings are reckoned as a pressuer gauge syphon in the industries that not only protects pressure gauge from the high pressure, but also from the high temperature. Therefore, syphon or compact syphon is worth considering for protecting pressure gauge and other parallel instruments from the hot media, vapours along with load cycles and ensure the highest level of reliability and surety.

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